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Middle East Copper Slag Grit Company (IRAN GRIT):

IRAN GRIT. pjs® established in 2009, is a 100% private company with most reputed businessmen and business houses of Persia. Its shareholders are the ex-senior managers of National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (NICICO).

The company manufactures a range of Grit from mineral Copper Refinery Slag which converts itself into iron silicate during the smelting and quenching process in the copper smelter. The product is sold under the trade name of IRGRIT®.

IRAN GRIT. pjs® is the sole copper slag grit manufacturer in the Middle East that has ISO 9001:2008 certificate .



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Unit 3, No 200, Vanak St., Sheykh Bahaei Square, Tehran, Iran

Tel :  +(9821) 88 600 901-4

Fax:  +(9821) 88 600 905

Mob: +(98938) 101 0081-2

Azerbaijan: +(99451) 57 00901-2

Iraq : +(9965)15700902


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55 Km Towards Sirjan , Shahr-e-Babak , Kerman , Iran

Tel: +98938 101 0091-2

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